Soltropy’s Solar Thermal Technology has been designed to be easily retrofitted onto existing buildings.  The configuration of different system sizes and number of tubes is entirely flexible depending on user needs and is easily scale-able from small domestic up to large scale commercial\industrial applications.


Helping farmers reduce energy costs, unlike other solar panels, Soltropy’s award-winning design doesn’t need antifreeze and directly heats water.
This means systems can be oversized to maximise energy collection in the cooler months and be allowed to overheat in summer
Save Money with Solar Water Heating

Income/save £8,500 per year on 45kW system.
0% loans available.
Guaranteed subsidies for 20 years.
Converts the sun’s free energy into zero carbon heat.
Three times more efficient than electricity producing panels.
Can freeze without damage – no need for antifreeze.
Using water overcomes limitations of antifreeze.


Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, housing association or local authority, reducing heating bills and improving the energy efficiency of your property is in your interests.  Regardless of the mode of heating (electric, gas, oil or solid fuel) a Soltropy system can be incorporated and start saving you money on your hot water and heating bills instantly.


For small businesses, offices, shops, restaurants or anyone with a requirement for hot water or heating there is an opportunity to use a Soltropy system to save you money. Our technology can help you to reduce your carbon footprint, with a clean, safe source of energy.


For larger scale industrial applications, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions is a serious responsibility and becoming increasingly important for companies. Contact us to discuss how a Soltropy system can help your company.