Case Study – William Birkett Dairy Farm, Stranraer
“The system is working brilliantly; phase 2 will start shortly and we’re also about to get it for the farmhouse” – William Birkett.

Unlike other solar panels, Soltropy’s award-winning design doesn’t need antifreeze and directly heats water. This means systems can be oversized to maximise energy collection in the cooler months and be allowed to overheat in summer. Phase 1 was installed at Craigencrosh in January 2019 and has proven itself in freezing as well as overheat conditions.

Save Money with Solar Water Heating

  • Income/save £8,500 per year on 45kW system.
  • 0% loans available.
  • Guaranteed subsidies for 20 years.
  • Converts the sun’s free energy into zero carbon heat.
  • Three times more efficient than electricity producing panels.
  • Can freeze without damage – no need for antifreeze.
  • Using water overcomes limitations of antifreeze.
Installed Capacity 45kW thermal
Energy Yield 31,267 kWh
Installed cost £43,000
Energy savings per year £5,127
Income from subsidies (RHI) per year £3,361
Total income/savings per year £8,488
Payback 5
20-year IRR 20%

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